Ticket Sales Agreement

Your name, contact information and purchase information will be made available to the event organizer or transportation service for which you purchased tickets. For more information, please read Privacy Policy 5 15 carefully. Cancellation of the event If the event were to be cancelled for any reason, the organizer will have to do everything in its power to promote such cancellation through local media at their own expense. Upon presentation of a valid ticket, you will receive a full refund from the customer, including service charges. The organizer will pay EventTicketingCentre (Regent on Broadway) an amount equivalent to double the inside fee per ticket, plus the service fee reimbursed to ticket buyers and therefore allocated to TicketDirect events or to business partners. 15. Installation Information Title: Event Date: Pre-Sale Starts: General Public Sales Start: Closing Sales: Show Start Time: Box Office Open: Open: Venue: Venue: Interval If Applicable: Ca. End time: approximately departure time: 1 hour before the show Start time, unless pre-arranged arrangement: General entrance or reserved seat restrictions: Sell Stalls First or Sell Stalls - Circ Stalls - Circle Together Promoter Holds: Please indicate the required number and setting of your preferred seat. Synopsis : (or join separately) On our website and all local media are used. Ticket Event Logo: The cost of setting up a new ticket with a logo is $225. Yes / No ticket header details - 5 - As a user who promotes an event or transport service on the site, you ensure and guarantee: (i) you are producer, promoter, animator, operator or manager of the event or transport service; (ii) You have the power and right to offer, sell and honour tickets sold on our website for event or transportation service sold on our website; (iii) event/transportation service; and any material or content you provide us to be used on our website are not/are not (and do not contain promotion or link to materials or content that are pornographic, defamatory, grossly offensive, the rights of an individual or organization, including, but not limited, to copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual property and privacy rights and/or advertising, that and (iv) event/transportation service and ticket sales for the event/transportation service are not contrary to federal, provincial and/or local laws.

You will do everything in your power to create, produce and distribute marketing and promotional materials and/or other marketing and advertising campaigns indicating that tickets for your event or transportation service will go on sale on the Share-There website.