Msu Apa Agreement

"To my knowledge, there are currently no plans to make it a university policy," Olsen said. "However, the university regularly conducts useful discussions with unions about current and future collective agreements." We look forward to your meeting at an upcoming briefing on the interim agreements. In order to review the interim agreement, a special meeting of the 2019 APP Negotiating Committee and Board of Directors was convened on Tuesday, October 1 at 10 a.m. at the APP office, with the sole purpose of verifying the details of the interim agreement. These figures include: MSU has entered into agreements with several MSU unions, including: the Administration-Professional Association, or the APA, the Administration-Professional Supervisors Association, or APSA, the Clerical-Technical Union, or CTU, Local 1585 and Local 274. Michigan State recently entered into agreements with campus departments and several MSU labor associations in response to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. "The university is pleased to have reached an agreement with APA and APSA to provide parental leave from 2021 to MSU workers represented by both unions," MSU spokesman Dan Olsen said in a statement. "This agreement is in addition to the parental leave policy already in place, which applies to many teachers and scientific collaborators." "While the university is dealing with the operational and financial impact of the COVID-19 health crisis, protecting our employees` access to health, dental and life insurance is essential during this period," says a letter sent by staff to superiors on May 29. "We have been able to conclude agreements that balance this priority with the need to provide your units with an instrument to save money in the short term if necessary by putting staff on unpaid Furloughs." In order to allow for further discussions and to answer members` questions and concerns, the APA`s preliminary briefings are planned: Michigan`s controversial 2012 workplace law made it illegal to hire employees in a union as a condition of their work. Those who choose not to oppose it are always covered by group insurance.

The Board of Directors is invited to approve and recommend the provisional agreement for ratification by the APA as a whole. All members are invited to this special board meeting. No trade union authorization can be provided and members must make independent arrangements to participate. All actions taken by the office are communicated to the APA prior to the start of the vote. MSU APA is pleased to announce Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 1:27 a.m. that the APA negotiating team has reached a preliminary agreement with Michigan State University for a four-year contract.