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In the survey conducted from 13 to 25 September, participants read an introduction to the EU-Mercosur ACCORD and the possible consequences it could have on beef costs in the EU and deforestation in the Amazon. The strongest opposition has been in Scotland, where recent opinion polls indicate growing support for independence from the rest of the UK. 78% of Scots said an exit from the Brexit transition without a free trade deal with the EU would be a bad result for the country, compared with only 23% who thought it was a good thing. A new poll has shown that a large majority of Britons believe that an exit from the Brexit transition period without a trade deal with the European Union would be a bad result, although Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists on something else. 37% of respondents told Focaldata that dealing with the EU without trade agreements would be a « good result » for the UK. 13% told the pollster it was « very good, » and 24% said it was « pretty good. » Focaldata interviewed 8,152 people between 19 and 23 September. Consumer group SumOfUs is calling on the EU to denounce its free trade agreement with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in the face of the Amazon rainforest fires. Of those polled who gave their opinion on the agreement, 82% said the trade agreement should be terminated, while 18% said it was not. Of all respondents, 63% said they thought the EU-Mercosur trade agreement should be terminated, while 14% said the trade deal should not be stopped, and 24% said they did not know.

Labour is now encouraged to vote against such a deal, despite its insistence that Brexit be resolved by a deal with the European Union, and ministers say it would not thwart the process. Asked whether it would be a « good or bad result » for the UK to « leave the transition period without an EU agreement », 64% said, according to the survey, that it would be a « bad result ». More than a quarter of respondents – 26% – said an exit without trade agreements would be « very bad », while 38% said « pretty bad ». The survey found strong opposition to a no-deal outcome in all regions of the UK studied – including the North-West, North East and Midlands, areas regularly associated with the vote to leave the EU in 2016. This independent survey was conducted online by YouGov from 13 to 25 September 2019, with 1010 adults in France, 2223 in Germany, 1005 in Spain, 1013 in Austria, 1026 in Belgium and 1001 in Ireland. Only those aged 18 and over participated in the survey. The results were statistically weighted by age, gender and region and are representative of all adults in each country. For more information on electoral methodology or background information, please contact With reports on a « remote » Brexit deal and the UK`s chief negotiator, who says there could be a deal with the European Union next week, all eyes are on Parliament on how it might vote. Berlin (iwr-ausland) – An independent YouGov poll commissioned by consumer group SumOfUs has shown that an overwhelming majority of citizens in France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Austria and Spain believe that the next Eu-Eu free trade agreement with the Mercosur Bloc (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) should be terminated. According to a Channel 12 Sunday poll, 76.7% of respondents support the peace agreement compared to annexation, while only 16.5% preferred annexation. The rest, 6.8%, had no preference or said they did not know. What do you think The Labour Party should do? Vote in our poll.

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