), who last week accused Shanahan of sandbagging senators by

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Canada Goose Parka Tim Kaine (D Va.), who last week accused Shanahan of sandbagging senators by failing to make the list public for weeks, said Trump « is putting his border wall ahead of the safety of our troops. » »The projects that could lose funding include military training centers in Virginia, a plant to prevent water contamination at Camp Lejeune and a cybersecurity facility in Georgia, » he said. « I hope my colleagues in Congress will take a serious look at the projects that support our military in their own states and then vote to override the president’s veto. »Whether any of the projects end up delayed depends in large part on negotiations between congressional lawmakers and the Trump administration over the coming year’s budget. The Trump administration is proposing to »back fill » the $3.6 billion it plans to take from the construction account for the wall, but Democrats have said they aren’t going to fund projects Congress has already funded. Canada Goose Parka

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