The second couple said fuck kids and took the hook to em

It has been a pretty damn good couple years for video games, to the point where I’m playing catch up and don’t really have the time for anticipation of what’s to come. I just got Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far, so that’s a couple hundred hours of game(s) from that one box alone. 2 points submitted 5 days ago.

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cheap canada goose uk 16 points submitted 13 hours agoBefore Haurchefant died he was merely tolerated by Emmanellain and Artoriel. More so by Artoriel as Emmanellain makes a few comments about Haurchefant not being a « trueborn » son of Fortemps.I definitely get the impression that, while Edmont did his best to do right by his son, he could only do so much due to Ishgardian society and his wife. IIRC from the lorebook, his wife did not care at all for Haurchefant so it is no surprise her feelings for him rubbed off on her sons. cheap canada goose uk

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