Serious they’re dragging their feet on features themselves

I just want to exist. My yard is not your territory, dogs. Please let me live my life.You think developing an unhealthy habit of avoiding going outside for any reason in response to this would end the madness, but no. Came back during season 6 7 and had some more fun but the end of S7 and beginning of S8 made me really like the game again because I like some sort of competition when I’m gaming. That being said my duo and I haven’t even logged in to the game since the 8.20 update because watching streams and reading these patch notes is honestly pathetic. I get the comp side of the game is just a complete marketing scheme to make the average joes think they could ever actually compete in one of those events, even though that’s a complete lie.

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canada goose black friday sale But again, it a great thing for consoles since hardware isn upgradable. All this makes the game worth the price of 30$ on console, maybe a bit less. But I agree that the PC version should have a way lower price since it doesn offer much. Now Nintendo is killing in a space that feels like Sony and Microsoft barely acknowledge. Serious they’re dragging their feet on features themselves. Yes the Switch is doing good, but every console at point reaches a point of skepticism from consumers and dragging on these things for two years are bad look. canada goose black friday sale

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