Other games, your team loses because people on your team die

Each group ends up painting their straw man of the other into more and more of a grotesque caricature and a bigger and bigger threat. Here a good video talking about it. I work in the lab for the record. Or alternatively just use deauth attack with an evil twin to phish there password or a zero day attack on their router you be surprised at how many router a viable to attack or have default admin password or leaked master password manufacturers use to reset shit that most consumers don know about. Honestly using a brute force attack isn viable I this day and age with WPA2 take a ridiculous amount of time to brute force with just 8 characters your average password(excluding rainbow tables or dictionary attavks) would take 1/2 a year to crack with an average laptop. There are other more complex methods where I could crack secure(very rare irl) WPA2 router regardless of password complexity in less than 8 hours but then we approaching very obscure exploits regarding flaws in the WPA2 protocol..

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