I just wish they would hurry up and draw Lifeline and Mirage

Physics is a cruel mistress. Luckily when Isaac Newton descended into the chaos dimension of Elppa, rescued Physics from the gravity beasts, and married her back on Earth, he convinced her to simplify her powers into three basic rules, so that humanity would have a chance to survive her wrath. Physics acquiesced.

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canada goose clearance I’ve been offered (and taken) drugs. I’ve hung out with gay guys and girls, I’ve had some filthy sex, I’ve made many mistakes and felt regret but I’ve also met some wonderful people and had an amazing year since I decided to fully accept myself for who I am.If someone offers you drugs or sex, it doesn’t mean you’ll accept. This is unheard of in Dubland, where the implication is that if you’re in a building with a man you’re banging them, and if you’re within 490 feet of drugs you’re a coked up whore.The org deals in black and white canada goose clearance.