I done from Banff to Jasper to Northwestern BC (Terrace /

Love that drive. I done from Banff to Jasper to Northwestern BC (Terrace / Prince Rupert) and up to just inside Alaska (Hyder). Rupert is a lovely little port town with some surprisingly good restaurants. So we play out the cloaked figure bit, and it turns out it a messenger of Ronaldo He warns me not to speak Ronaldo name out loud. I ignore him completely because why would somebody who so concerned with secrecy be sending random messages to people he never met if it actually mattered? So this cloaked douchebag starts talking in riddles or some shit, and I get bored. I wander over to the galley where they hung the elf, and I start singing (I tone deaf), « Ronaldoooooooo sucks hairy balls! » at the top of my lungs..

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