BTW, it’s such an energy intensive process that we will likely

That’s also a total fail (and an expensive on at that) if reducing CO2 output is the end goal. BTW, it’s such an energy intensive process that we will likely need to use more electricity than the globe currently uses anyway just solely to produce enough hydrogen to replace the amount of gasoline we currently use!!! Note that all of these steps along the way incurs energy losses, so using raw solar produced electricity to just charge up batteries, will be hugely more efficient. Producing hydrogen is pretty much the least efficient thing we can do with all that electricity, unfortunately.So that’s the hydrogen problem in a nutshell: it’s a temporary solution, it’ll be dangerous as heck, it’ll be horrendously expensive to resolve all of the infrastructural issues in a manner that everyone can use, it needs more Solar than we’d even need to power the regular global electric grid to produce it in sufficient quantities to be useful wile also in an environmentally sound way, and even as an electricity storage appliance, hydrogen is vastly less energy efficient than regular batteries.

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